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Casamigos Blanco tequila

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Our agaves are 100% Espadín, grown for 8-9 years in Oaxaca, Mexico

Slow Cooking: 

Casamigos Mezcal is made using the traditional method. Once harvested, the piñas are split and laid to cook for 4–6 days in six-ton earthen pits lined with volcanic rock.


Piñas are cooled for 24 hours before the crushing process begins. The agave is crushed, in the traditional method, one ton at a time by a horse-drawn tahona wheel. 


Depending on the season, Casamigos Mezcal ferments for 2–8 days before being distilled in covered copper pot stills. Casamigos is twice-distilled. 

Color: Crystal Clear

Aroma: Fragrant herbal and fruit, with hints of smoke.

Flavor: Notes of smoke and black pepper lead to long silky finish.

Rests: Up to 2 months.

Heritage: Produced in Oaxaca by a 4th generation family of Mezcaleros.